Laboriatorie Technical and QA Manager

Descrição da Vaga

Lancet Laboratórios Moçambique, Lda is recruiting one (1) Laboriatorie Technical and QA Manager for Maputo.


  • To manage a laboratory to ensure achievement of a cost effective and high-quality service in line with the client needs and organizational objectives;
  • Sources, manages, motivates and trains laboratory staff to ensure that operational objectives are achieved;
  • Assist with the implementation of service levels and quality standards in accordance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice, SADCAS accreditation requirements, standard operating procedures, turn-around time targets and service level agreements with clients, to ensure that the laboratory is constantly able to deliver a high quality, cost effective and safe service;
  • Verifies the turnaround times for all tests done at site;
  • Verifies the interface verification of some tests;
  • Verifies manual results entry of some tests;
  • Participates in EQA Thistle programmes;
  • Participates in the inter lab QCs;
  • Hands on specimen preparation and analysis;
  • Monitors internal QCs;
  • Monitor the trend of each analyte and action accordingly;
  • Carry out validations on instruments at all Lancet Mozambique Sites;
  • Functional knowledge of test procedures;
  • Functional knowledge of instrumentation and equipment;
  • Control of stock in the lab;
  • Preparing and ensuring that laboratory meets SADCAS accreditation standards;
  • Manages the correct application of quality assurance processes and standard operating procedures to ensure corrective actions are taken as required;
  • Oversees laboratory accreditation, including preparation for audits, maintenance of current status, document updates and scope of approved tests, to ensure that accreditation is achieved or obtained in line with organizational objectives;
  • Monitors the maintenance and calibration of the equipment used in the laboratory to ensure that it is operating efficiently and providing accurate results. This includes ensuring that instrument maintenance and quality control results are recorded as well as trouble shooting;
  • Provides input into evaluation and validations of new equipment and methods to ensure standardization and continuous technological advancement;
  • Oversees asset management and procurement of goods to ensure the most effective utilization of resources, optimisation of stock levels and cost containment;
  • Generates management reports as required to monitor work and performance status of the laboratory and takes corrective action when required;
  • Performs investigations into and resolve customer complaints to ensure a positive image of the organisation by clients and patients and to promote the services of Lancet laboratories;
  • Oversees and monitors in-service training, seminars and participation in continuing professional development (CPD) activities to ensure that laboratory staff continuously update their knowledge and skills as well as comply with professional registration requirements. This includes ensuring the availability of up to date records that can be presented immediately on request thereof;
  • Oversees the teaching and training of laboratory personnel, interns and students, medical colleagues and associated health workers to ensure that they are competent in various laboratory techniques, processes and systems;
  • Adheres to professional conduct requirements in line with organizational policy and relevant professional body ethical standards and monitors compliance of own employees in this regard;
  • Performs the role of a medical technologist as required in accordance with operational needs;
  • Performs managerial responsibilities including the following, conflict resolution, (IR matters), encourage team development through leadership, motivation, lead by example, involved in the disciplinary, and or recruitment processes, monitoring of time and attendance and evaluation of employee performance on work methods according to company policy and procedure;
  • Perform any other duties as defined by Management.


  • Certified Superior Technical Certificate Laboratory, (certified copy);
  • Knowledge of laboratory practices;
  • Professional Card (valid);
  • Curriculum vitae English and Portuguese;
  • Domain of informatics in the optics of the user;
  • Fluently speaks and writes English, Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Copy Identity Card, INSS card and Nuit;
  • Experience 3 to 5 years;
  • Age between 25 to 40 years.

How to Apply?

Send your CV to email: or to Address Lancet Laboratorio Moçambique, Lda Bairro Sommerchield 2, Rua Para Palma , nr238, Cidade de Maputo.

DATA LIMITE DE CANDIDATURA: 26 de Julho de 2021.

Indique a fonte da vaga na sua candidatura.


Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted;

We are looking for someone who is methodical, precise, responsible, with a good sense of teamwork.